SUPERNAL MAGAZINE – May 2022 Flood Update

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Supernal Magazine Australia

April 2022 Edition

Supernal Magazine Australia – April edition 2022

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Ocean Road Magazine

You can find some of my flood images in the Ocean Road Autumn addition 2022. A fantastic article. Check it out here:

Supernal Magazine Australia

March 2022 Edition

Trevor – lismore floods 2022

Trevor is a resident of Lismore and resides in a 4th generation house built by his grandfather. Unfortunately, they were severely affected by the floods that devastated Lismore. The house where Trevor lives with his family is a two-story house, and unfortunately the floodwater was only a few centimetres from the gutters.

They were evacuated early on Monday morning to higher ground and were informed by the authorities that no one would be staying. Trevor didn’t expect his house to be flooded with water completely, because he’s already been through the floods. Some of them were the largest floods recorded in 1954 and 1974 at 12.11 meters, but nothing in this measure. Trevor and his family lost 4 generations of memories, including photographs, original plans of the house and many other irreplaceable items. It was extremely difficult for the family to see these possessions thrown into the street.

They are not sure what will happen in the future, as they are still one of the many households to be assessed by the authorities. Unfortunately, many houses and businesses have already been condemned in the town because the damage has been considerable. I’ll be back soon to see Trevor and his family to see how they’re doing.

Trevor is standing on the 2nd level of his home. You can see the water line just above his head.

Northern Rivers floods – March 2022

For the past six days, I’ve been in the field, in Northern Rivers NSW, in what’s been one of Australia’s most devastating disasters.

There wasn’t a day when I didn’t cry, felt anger and heartache for all affected people and animals. I was welcomed to their communities, listened to their personal stories and experiences, and I can honestly say that many feel abandoned by their government. They are traumatized, in shock and heartbroken, most of them have lost everything.

There was an overwhelming response from the Australian people, and in the true Aussie spirit they have literally saved the day. As time progresses and all volunteers return to their lives I plan to continue to cover the reconstruction of Northern Rivers NSW to keep this tragedy at the forefront of people’s minds. They will need help for many years to come. 

Coraki – Northern Rivers Floods – March 7, 2022
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